Northwest VegFest

Vegan and Vegetarian Paradise Hits Convention Center

Bolthouse Farms at NW VegFest this past weekend.
By Heather Cavanaugh
Sep 19 1:41pm

Northwest VegFest was chock full of events, seminars, and talks by local experts in nutrition, cooking, and health. Everyone looked so healthy and happy, it was like vegan heaven.


My first stop at the VegFest was Gladrags, where tools are available for women to have a safe, simple, and smart period every month. Incredibly, they sell a single multi-use Moon Cup that will take care of your mensus needs for twelve years straight. 


Movies are forever at Deja Bags where recycled clothing is made from mixed Hollywood movies. You can flaunt the exclusive Twilight Movie Film Bag, or a Slumdog Millionaire wallet. Julie Lewis designs, fashions and resources the repurposed film for these Movie Film Bags to be found at


Other exhibitors included Northwest College of Natural Medicine, Tofurkey, Maggiebell Naturals, In Defense of Animals, Eco Lunchbox, and The Masterpeace Hemp and Organic Culture to name a few. The film Forks over Knives was screened both Saturday and Sunday. 


Natural Selection sampled the most flavorful Gazpacho I've ever tasted. Bolthouse Farms gave me a bottle of their amazingly fruity 50/50 half vegetable and half fruit juice featuring purple carrots. It is the most amazing juice I've ever tasted. The ladies at Herbivore Clothing showed their softest vegan fleece hoodies, and fitted people with eco footwear on site. Doctor Kracker offered crackers with whole grains and seeds, with seven long lasting layers of flavor.  


I'm a chocoholic, I eat chocolate every week, sometimes stints of daily indulgence. I get the kind you buy at Whole Foods or Nature's. Dark, robust, indulgent. Equal Exchange, fairly traded organic chocolate from Northwest VegFest was the absolute best chocolate I've ever had the opportunity to melt in my mouth.


All in all, the VegFest was a tasty and educational time for all attendees.