Nether Regions @ Backspace

Joined by Lord Dying, Grenades, and Sloths

Nether Regions Saturday Night at Backspace
By Jonathan McCarlo
Mar 12 9:03am

I’m starting to like Backspace a lot more than I used to. It has beer at all ages shows and a new sound system. Now when I go to Backspace, I feel like I’m at a real show instead of at a high school dance. Kids drinking coffee at a metal show still puts me off a bit, but I’m glad that they can be here to face a level of brutality usually only displayed in dirty bars for dirty dudes. The lineup tonight is a heavy one. Four awesome bands, three of them are locals plus one from Seattle to spice things up a bit.



Grenades (Aaron Yost, Trent McIntyre, Eric Christianson, Jerome Sauer) came down from Seattle after headlining at home last night with the same lineup they are opening for tonight. They would fit right in with the Portland metal scene with their enthusiasm and ability to make enough noise to rip your face off. The kids seem to know the songs and are pummeling each other while generally having a blast showing their appreciation for Grenades.



I hadn’t heard of Sloths (Kyle Bates - Guitars/Vocals, Alec van Staveren - Bass, Nate Sonenfeld - Drums/Vocals) before tonight’s show. The first thing you notice about these guys is how young they are. The next thing that you notice is that Sloths kick ass right along with the old guys. I’m glad to see that the youngsters can bring it too. This is definitely their crowd here tonight. Maybe there is some hope for the future.



Lord Dying (E. Olson-guitar/vocals, D. Capuano-bass, J. Reid-drums/vocals, C. Evans-guitar)  is made up from members of Black Elk, Cremains, Le Force, and Portals, so you know you are getting your fill of ass kicking from these guys. The band seemed to come out of nowhere and then suddenly take over the Portland scene. They have played everywhere with everyone and show no signs of slowing down. Lord Dying plays more shows than I can keep up with, and is getting a writeup from every metal blog I see. You could tell that the younger crowd was stoked to see these guys after hearing so much about them and they were not disappointed tonight.



Nether Regions (Joe Wickstrom-Bass, Vocals, Colin Stout- Guitar, Todd Pidcock-Guitar) is one of those bands that I know I have seen before, but couldn’t quite place when or where. I’m sure that they have played many shows that I have been to but I couldn’t remember actually seeing them. As soon as they began playing, I knew the songs even though I couldn’t recall ever seeing them performed before. Their songs are instantly memorable in a way that certain sounds will echo around in your head for days. Nether Regions songs have a way of burrowing their way deep into your subconscious.