Black Prairie @ Mississippi Studios

Joined by Perhapst

Black Prairie performs a special show at Mississippi Studios this past Saturday night
By Abe
May 07 12:00am

Those who made it out to Mississippi Studios on Saturday night were treated to a special show put together by the members of Black Prairie and the Oregon Children's Theatre (OCT). The band had recently written the soundtrack for the production The Storm in the Barn, which is currently playing at the OCT, and decided that they wanted to perform the tunes themselves at least once. While the in-house band at the OCT is doing a fantastic job, it was great to see the songwriters themselves take a crack at playing the soundtrack live.


First up though was a side project of Decemberists' drummer John Moen's, meaning 4/5 of the chart-topping band was present this evening. Moen's band is called Perhapst, and he started it several years back. After a three-year hiatus, the group returned to the stage and Moen was all smiles. He was humbled by the enthusiastic crowd as he wound his way through a solid set of folk and blues inspired tunes, even dropped a Byrds cover in there for good measure. It was a great set, and interested to see Moen's voice up front, instead of backing up Colin Meloy's, the man has a quality voice.


Next Black Prairie came to the stage to play two different sets. The first was the soundtrack to the play straight through, featuring some well-known Portland musicians reading the play's actual script along with the soundtrack. Each person played a part or two as the story unfolded, complete with visuals from the original graphic novel by Matt Phelan being project onto a screen behind the band. Above the stage the actors read their parts, rabbit toys were dismembered, and lights were project ominously. The tunes were very in key with much of Black Prairie's repertoire of dark, Americana music. This play is aimed at 10 and up for all the right reasons, and you can catch it at the OCT until May 20th. 


The musicians-turned-actors that read the play included Ritchie Young, Jesse Withers, Anita Robinson, Lewi Longmire, Garth Klippert, and Adam Shearer. The actors even joined Black Prairie in singing the final song of the first set.


The second set began right after the first, with the actors shuffling off as the band launched into some old tunes. Songs from the band's Feast of the Hunter's Moon album from a couples years back were featured in this set, as well as some new tunes from an upcoming album accordionist Jenny Conlee told the crowd was "in the can, but not ready for the public yet." The new album is slated for a September release at this point, and I for one am pretty excited for it having hearing a couple tunes. Overall, a fantastic night of music and theatre, all rolled into one.




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Intrestin,though not waching the video because of my appliances for now,but seen the picture alone is enough,i will wach it latter,cheers.