bePortland 2.1

After some careful consideration of our needs and our idea for where we would like the site to go, we worked behind the scenes on a site that builds upon the philosophy we had with bePortland 2.0: minimalism. As Anthony Casalena discusses in his Creative Mornings talk last month, "minimalism is a process." and something we work toward. A lot was stripped away in the transition to 2.0 and in the time since, it's been easier to see what matters in terms of functionality to a site like bePortland. One of which is discoverability.

2.1's most striking difference is the addition of the sidebar. Here you won't find a distracting jumble of links and pictures, but a curated selection of posts we don't want you to miss, access to our latest social media posts, and a quick list of upcoming events. Different parts of the site were starting to feel isolated from one another and we think the sidebar ties things together quite nicely.

You'll also notice customized header images for each area of the site which add a dash of personality to the different pages of the site.

In addition to the dozens of minor adjustments we've made on the front and back end, the sidebar and header images bring functionality and discoverability without sacrificing the simplicity that sets us apart.

If you didn't already know, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join our newsletter to be notified of all our latest posts.

A special thanks to or latest interns Aaron, Maggie, Michael, and Maranda.

As always, we love you.

Joe Manis and Siri Vik

Joe Manis and Siri Vik

John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman and Ballads both feature Coltrane's Classic Quintet playing with a level of restraint that contrasts sharply with the intensity of the groundbreaking jazz musician's former and latter works. Saxophonist Joe Manis and vocalist Siri Vik performed these quieter albums at Jimmy Maks in Downtown Portland on Tuesday; accompanying the pair were pianist Randy Porter, bassist Tyler Abbott, and drummer Charlie Doggett.

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Coming Soon... Warped 2014

On June 29th, 2014 the Vans Warped Tour and their brigade of tour buses rolled through town and took Portland by storm. bePortland was there to witness the musical carnage and cultural diversity and we filmed the very best of the day. We talked to the newcomers of the tour and the ones who maybe don't fit your internal image of a "Warped Tour Band".

Due to unforeseen mishaps, our memory cards had been lost following the show. Luckily though they have been recovered! Coming soon you will see the highlights of what was sure to be one of the most memorable Warped Tours of all time. 

Including interviews from Antiserum, Captain Capa!, Crizzly, K. Flay, Protomen, & More! Stay tuned...